Trevor Scelso

Co-Founder | Owner | President

Husband, Father, Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Libertarian

Upon his separation from the United States Marine Corps, Trevor began working in the Las Vegas Hospitality Industry. Then through his education and experience, Trevor set his sights on Real Estate, first working as a loan officer, expanding his knowledge and understanding of real estate as a powerful investment strategy, paving the way to the entrepreneur he is today.  

Trevor began personally investing in short term rentals in December 2020. Within 18 months, he had acquired three properties ranging from $250k-1.1m. During that time, Trevor learned the need for a STR management company with hospitality and marketing know-how, coupled with strong, traditional single-family property management skills, to take care of the underlying real estate asset as well as the nuances of vacation rentals (ie. turnovers, repair and maintenance coordination, etc). Not only that, this service needed to be provided without eating up so much revenue that the property owner can make money as well–something that seemed incredibly absent in the industry. That’s when Trevor founded a company to do just that–or rather, Trevor put together a team of exceptional individuals and gave the organization a name!  

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FIBI vacation rentals team excels in providing exceptional property management services tailored for short-term rentals, ensuring memorable and stress-free experiences for both hosts and guests.