Is Your Short Term Rental A Truly Passive Income Stream?

Are you sitting back and relaxing while your property is bringing you monthly income? Or are you constantly worried about cancellations, linen laundry, and Airbnb reviews? Short term rentals have some of the highest returns in real estate, but making them passive returns has been proven difficult. Your standard property manager is not set up for daily tenant switches, but we are.

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Maximizing Your Revenue with Dynamic Pricing

How much can you charge on any given night and still book? This is the basic question that drives our pricing engine. We utilize software that allows us to update pricing daily based on how other properties in the market are booking, as well as manipulate pricing as we see fit in order to increase occupancy and maximize revenue.

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The FIBI Difference

Is your short term rental a truly passive income stream?

Data-Driven Marketing

We optimize cashflow for homeowners, by analyzing your local market, pricing directly against your competition, and achieving the highest rankings for your listing across all major booking sites.

Guest Support

We handle all guest interactions from start to finish. From booking inquiries, to check-in, problems and questions that arise during a stay, check-out, and post-stay issues. Have peace of mind knowing guests are cared for.

Local Teams

Your home is only as good as the boots on the ground around it. We source local professionals to care for your property needs including cleaning, landscaping, pool care, and maintenance.

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What Is Needed To Set Up An STR?

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Full Service Management.

How passive do you want your short term rental income to be? We offer full service vacation rental management for those investors and homeowners wishing to be hands-off.

Full Service

✔ Hands off
✔ Listing & pricing optimization
✔ Multiple booking platforms
✔ Calendar management
✔ Synced & optimized Listings
✔ Guest communication
✔ Lease agreements & security deposits required
✔ Turnover
✔ Maintenance & repairs

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See if you qualify in 5 minutes

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Setting Up Your Short Term Rental

It takes a lot of time and know-how to set-up a Short Term Rental effectively and efficiently, and in a way to maximize your budget and utilize your space in a way that will increase revenue. All set-up options include a viewing of your home and creation of a personalized proposal including inspiration photos, needed furnishings and supplies, and budget.


Starting at $500

Want to set-up your Short Term Rental yourself, but not sure where to start? Wish you could have an expert available to you to answer questions, make suggestions, and guide you through the process? We can help!

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Full Set-Up

Starting at $3,000

Have a vacant home and don’t know where to start? We offer start-to-finish set-ups in which we handle it all! Let us do the design, shopping, acquisition, and installation for you. We do it all from start to finish, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

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What Property Owners Say

Feedback is the key to innovation.
innovation is the key to our business.

"I have been using this company since beginning my venture into short term rentals. They have been nothing but helpful in guiding me to success in this field. The employees are prompt, direct, and clear in their professional handling of property. I foresee expanding and much credit for this goes to FIBI"

Matt L.

"Very attentive & professional staff! Definitely recommend for all your rental needs! Extremely helpful and willing to take the time I needed for good understanding of the process. They provided personalized service for my specific goals"

Judith F.

"Great services! Very professional! They making owning rental properties easy!"

Daniel C.