About Us

Our Mission

To maximize time and financial freedom for property owners.

How It Started

Way back in 2020 a young couple of couples decided they wanted a short-term rental property in Lake Havasu city, AZ. Six months after that we had acquired two more and it wasn’t much longer before our friends and acquaintances started asking us to help them do the same thing. Next thing you know we’re managing multiply properties in various cities and figuring out how to deal with all the nuances and headaches that come alongwith distance short term rental management.

What We’ve Learned

We’ve learned a lot along the way and continue to be students of this industry. The need for Reliable teams of boots on the ground is probably our biggest lesson. Coordinating the guest inquires ,turn overs and maintenance issues of multiple properties was the next. We also discovered that intelligent rate engines are not as smart as their names suggest.

Who We Are

Our background proved helpful. We are veteran owned and operated. We have 20+ years combined experience in the Las Vegas hospitality industry. Our professional licensees include real estate, mortgage origination and family therapy and we’re studied in finance, economics and business.

How We Are Improving

With our powers combined, we were able build teams across different cities. We learned how to automate our biggest time drains, which allowed us the opportunity to improve other systems. We acquired data on the short-term rental properties in our markets to inform our strategies, and we tested multiple pricing methods until we finally found one that performs. 

One of the most important things we realized during all this is that we really enjoy investing in real estate and making our money work for us. We enjoy helping other people accomplish what we have and we are dedicated to maximizing our business revenue by helping you maximize yours.

What Property Owners Say

Feedback is the key to innovation.
innovation is the key to our business.

"I have been using this company since beginning my venture into short term rentals. They have been nothing but helpful in guiding me to success in this field. The employees are prompt, direct, and clear in their professional handling of property. I foresee expanding and much credit for this goes to FIBI"

Matt L.

"Very attentive & professional staff! Definitely recommend for all your rental needs! Extremely helpful and willing to take the time I needed for good understanding of the process. They provided personalized service for my specific goals"

Judith F.

"Great services! Very professional! They making owning rental properties easy!"

Daniel C.