Set Up Services For Your Short Term Rental

It takes a lot of time and know-how to set-up a Short Term Rental effectively and efficiently, and in a way to maximize your budget and utilize your space in a way that will increase revenue. All set-up options include a viewing of your home and creation of a personalized proposal including inspiration photos, needed furnishings and supplies, and budget.

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Who Are Set Up Services For?

We have created set up services specifically to help start and maintain your short term rental. Whether you are looking for hourly consulting, have no idea where to start, need a simple refresh to update your space, or to fully furnish and decorate a brand new home, our set-up services are here to help! 

Set Up Services


Want to set-up your Short Term Rental yourself, but not sure where to start? Wish you could have an expert available to you to answer questions, make suggestions, and guide you through the process? We can help! Our consulting services allow you access to our team for questions, suggestions, and feedback throughout your set-up process, while you do the shopping, furnishing, and decorating yourself. Consulting services start at $500.

Partial Set Up

Already have a furnished vacation home and want to convert it to a Short Term Rental? Or maybe you have an existing Short Term Rental that you’d like to refresh to increase bookings and revenue? We offer partial set-ups in which we update the overall appearance of the home to make it more attractive to guests. This may include new linens, new décor, or a few updated furniture pieces to give the space a fresh look, while maintaining a majority of the existing furniture. Partial Set Up Services start at $1,500.

Full Set Up

Have a vacant home and don’t know where to start? We offer start-to-finish set-ups in which we handle it all! Let us do the design, shopping, acquisition, and installation for you. We do it all from start to finish, so you don’t have to lift a finger! Full set up services starting at $3,000

Dynamic Pricing

How much can you charge on any given night and still book? This is the basic question that drives our pricing engine. We utilize software that allows us to update pricing daily based on how other properties in the market are booking, as well as manipulate pricing as we see fit in order to increase occupancy and maximize revenue.  

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Here are some common questions we get from investors looking to make short term rentals a new (and passive) stream of Income

Can I use the home if I sign up with FIBI?

Your vacation home is 100% yours. You’re welcome to reserve your home for personal stays whenever you’d like. You are able to block out travel dates directly from your online owner account.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No! There is no long-term contract. Cancel anytime with 30 days written notice. Owner is expected to honor all future bookings and GTSTRentals shall retain commission and reservation fees associated with future bookings.

How are short term rentals taxed and who takes care of that?

We collect and remit required occupancy and/or hotel taxes on behalf of the owner. Speak with a tax advisor to discuss any state or federal income tax requirements regarding your short term rental.

What legal and regulatory issues should I consider?

It is important to review the city, county, and state ordinances regarding short term rentals in your market. We are not legal advisors and we do not take responsibility for any legal requirements regarding your property.

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