A Management & Maintenance Solution for Owners

Worried about ware-and-tare on your short term rental? Tired of the hassle of maintenance, and repairs? Interested in improving damage claims and recoup of damage charges to guests? Our beyond full service management maybe just the solution you are looking for! *Beyond Full Service Management is not available in every market, inquire about availability for your property today!

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Who Is This Service For?

Beyond Full Service Management is for the homeowner who wants to ensure even more care and attention is spent in the maintenance of their home, understanding it costs a little more. We have found this package is highly desirable for owners that use their rental as their personal vacation home as well as an investment and aren’t solely focused on Return on Investment (ROI). Beyond Full Service Management includes everything offered in our Full Service Management package, plus an increased focus on maintenance, repairs, and recuperation of damage charges. Homeowners are hands-off in the day-to-day operations of their short term rental, and are simply responsible for paying their mortgage and utilities, and enjoying their vacation home when they want, while collecting a monthly distribution from their property.

What Beyond Full-Service Includes:

Hands Off & Hassle Free

Trust us to handle and care for your property as if it was ourown. Remain hands-off and hassle-free while your investment works for you!

Management Fee

We charge 20% of gross booking revenue for our beyond full-service management services including: listing and pricing optimization, management of multiple booking platforms, calendar management, guest communication, automation services, lease agreements and security deposits, turnover, cleaning and restock, maintenance and repairs, inspections with time stamped photos before/after each guest, access to an online owner’s portal, and monthly accounting statements and distributions.

Maximizing Revenue

We utilize software that allows us to update pricing daily based on how other properties in the market are booking, as well as manipulate pricing as we see fit in order to increase occupancy and maximize revenue. 

Guest Support

As your short-term rental property management company, we dealwith bookings, guest communication, guest issues, and customer service, so you don’t have to.

Managing Cleaning, Turnover, & Maintenance

Our experts have organized excellent professional teams to take care of your property including cleaning, turnovers, maintenance, and more. We coordinate it all for you.

Quality Control and Damage Inspections

A member of our team inspects the property after each clean and checkout. This improves quality control of the guest experience, ensuring our cleaning is complete and the home is appropriately prepared for the next guest. This also allows us to catch any damages to the home immediately, charge the guest for these damages, and schedule needed repairs timely, overall improving the upkeep and maintenance of the property.

Improved Success with Recouping Damage Charges

In addition to our property inspections, we take and store time-stamped photos of the property after each clean and checkout, prior to the check-in of the next guest. This evidence significantly increases our success rates in charging guests for damages, as well as improves our ability to notice and address damages and needed repairs timely, overall improving the upkeep and maintenance of the property.

Strategic Marketing Efforts on Multiple Booking Platforms

We create and manage your property’s listing across multiple booking platforms, including AirBnB, VRBO, Booking.com, Houfy, HomeToGo, GuestSmiles, Trip Advisor, direct bookings, and the list continues to grow! Our creative marketing team works to optimize your listing in order to maximize exposure and keep your property booking.

Extra Protection

Though we can never guarantee accidents, damages, or unruly guests won’t happen, we require each and every guest to sign a Rental Agreement and collect a Security Deposit so that we are prepared in the event an incident does occur.

Online Owner’s Portal

Access your property’s calendar and revenue statements via your personal online owner’s portal! Check availability and block dates yourself, if you ever need.

Maintain Ownership of Your AirBnB Listing*

Already have your own AirBnb listing? Or want to own your new AirBnB listing? Simply add us as a co-host and integrate with our software to continue owning your listing. *Additional 2% surcharge applied to management fee to any owners who opt to own their AirBnB listing

Dynamic Pricing

How much can you charge on any given night and still book? This is the basic question that drives our pricing engine. We utilize software that allows us to update pricing daily based on how other properties in the market are booking, as well as manipulate pricing as we see fit in order to increase occupancy and maximize revenue.  

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Here are some common questions we get from investors looking to make short term rentals a new (and passive) stream of Income

Can I use the home if I sign up with FIBI?

Your vacation home is 100% yours. You’re welcome to reserve your home for personal stays whenever you’d like. You are able to block out travel dates directly from your online owner account.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No! There is no long-term contract. Cancel anytime with 30 days written notice. Owner is expected to honor all future bookings and FIBI shall retain commission and reservation fees associated with future bookings.

How are short term rentals taxed and who takes care of that?

We collect and remit required occupancy and/or hotel taxes on behalf of the owner. Speak with a tax advisor to discuss any state or federal income tax requirements regarding your short term rental.

What legal and regulatory issues should I consider?

It is important to review the city, county, and state ordinances regarding short term rentals in your market. We are not legal advisors and we do not take responsibility for any legal requirements regarding your property.

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